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Accez 3 -In 1 Eyebrow And Eyelash Styler

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Product Description:

Well-sculpted and groomed eyebrows give your eyes a beautiful definition and a great look. With Accez 3 -In 1 Eyebrow and Eyelash Styler, you can darken, define or highlight your eyebrows and eyelashes with makeup without requiring three separate products to brush, comb, and apply powder color for your eyelashes and eyebrow makeup. The Accez 3 -In 1 Eyebrow And Eyelash Styler is made with high-quality bristles and its compact size fits perfectly in your purse.

Works as an eyelash comb, you can separate and comb your eyelashes even after curling and mascara application

Comes with precise angles that enable easy combing of eyelashes and eyebrows

The eyebrow brush of the tool enables you to comb and shape your eyebrows with precision

The eyebrow brush can also be used to apply eyebrow powder without the mess

Suitable for natural and artificial eyelashes as well as eyebrows

How to use:

The Accez 3 -In 1 Eyebrow And Eyelash Styler consists of three different brushes. On one side get an eyebrow brush, on the opposite side you get the eyelashes styler and in the center, you have an eyebrow powder applicator.

How to use Eyebrow brush: The bristle brush side is the eyebrow brush. To comb your eyebrows start with clean eyes that do not have any makeup. Begin from the inner corner of your eye and brush across in a slightly upwards direction. When you reach the arch point of your eyebrow, brush vertically from the arch point to the tip and repeat the same for the other side.

The solid comb side of the brush is for the lashes. The brush can be used to separate lashes and it also removes mascara clumps from the eyelashes. It also creates a bushy volume effect for the lashes.

Using the eyebrow powder brush is fairly simple. Just mark the beginning and end of your eyebrows. Then apply wax along the lines of the desired shape. Apply the powder with a light hand for a natural look.

Caution & Warnings:

Before you try combing and coloring your eyebrows, understand the shape of your eyebrows and mark the edges carefully before applying powder

Use the right kind of brush for brows, lashes, and eyebrow powder

Keep packaging material away from children as it is a choking hazard

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  • Manufacturer: 206677
  • Product form: 181965