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Accez - Eyelashe Glue 5gm

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Product Description:

  • We all want to have beautiful eyelashes, for a voluminous and glamorous look.
  • Nowadays, using false eyelashes to add that extra hint of drama to your eyelids has become a trend and Accez Eyelashes Glue 5 gm is the perfect glue that will help you to keep those eyelashes in place.
  • It is very important to use an adhesive for your eyelashes that would help to keep them in place and not let them get stripped off.
  • It should also not be too harmful to your skin as it needs to be applied right on the baseline of your natural lashes.
  • Hence, keeping all these things in mind, the Accez eyelashes glue are one of the most effective adhesives that can do this job for you easily and you will have no complaints! Nowadays, people are usually very hesitant to use a product without proper descriptions.
  • Something as sensitive as eyelash glue should be well-read about before you purchase them. As it comes in direct contact with the skin, it can have an opposite reaction to what you are expecting.


  • Helps in holding the lashes intact, in one place
  • Prevents the eyelashes from getting stripped off the baseline of the natural lashes
  • It is an artificial glue, strictly meant for helping the false lashes stick onto the baseline of the natural lashes
  • Avoids unnecessary movement of the false lashes
  • The skin around the eyes is delicate so this adhesive does not aggravate its delicacy, rather it helps in keeping the sensitivity of the skin intact

How to use:

  • Apply a dollop of the glue on the false eyelashes
  • Apply the glue towards the edges of the eyelashes. Once you press the lashes on the center, all you have to do is glide and paste the remaining of the lashes on either side
  • Once the glue appears to be sticky in consistency, fix them on the eyes. Always allow the glue to dry up. It is important for the sticky consistency to hold the lashes together
  • Make sure the lashes are stretched across the length of the eyelid and stuck properly on both ends

Caution & Warnings:

  • This glue for the fixation of false lashes should be kept out of reach of children at all costs, as it is not at all safe for them to play with it
  • This glue should not come in contact with your eyes. There are high chances that it might since you are applying them right above your eyelid. So be extra cautious
  • In case the glue penetrates your eyes by mistake, wash your eyes with lukewarm water immediately before the condition worsens
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  • Manufacturer: 206677
  • Product form: 156310
  • Color: 157660