Albothyl 90 mg Vaginal Suppository 6pcs

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Policresulen vaginal suppository 90mg

What Policresulen is used for
Policresulen is used in the treatment of local inflammation or infection and tissue damage of vagina and cervix (eg, discharge due to bacterial, trichomonal and fungal infections, pressure sores from pessaries), condylomata acuminate, protuberance of cervical mucosa (cervical ectopia).

Do not use Policresulen

• If you are hypersensitive (allergic) to Policresulen or any of the ingredients of this medicine.
Warnings and precautions
• During the treatment with Policresulen, you should avoid sexual relations for 10 days.
• During treatment, you should avoid the use of soap that causes irritation.
• Policresulen is not effective against HIV infection or other sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonorrhea or syphilis.
• Policresulen should not be used during the menstrual cycle.
Possible side effects
These include local irritation, vaginal dryness, urticaria, systemic allergic reactions (eg, angioedema, generalized urticaria) up to anaphylaxis, vaginal candidiasis, pruritus vulvae, discharge of shreds of mucous membrane, discomfort, dryness of the vagina, sensation of a foreign body being present in the vagina.

Other medicines and Policresulen
During treatment with Policresulen, you should avoid the simultaneous use of other medicines for use in the vagina, because the possibility of interaction cannot be excluded.

How to use Policresulen
Policresulen should be inserted deep into the vagina, preferably in the supine position. To prevent the falling out of pessaries, they should be applied at night before going to sleep. To facilitate the insertion, pessary can be moistened with water.
To prevent the defilement of clothes and bed linen, it is necessary to use the pads.
If not prescribed otherwise:
1 vaginal suppository should be used every second day.

How to store Policresulen
• Keep out of reach and sight of children.
• You may not use suppositories after expiry date stated on the outer carton.
• Policresulen should be stored at a temperature lower than 25°C.

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  • Manufacturer: Albothyl
  • Product form: Vaginal Suppository
  • Ingredients: Policresulen