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Alwadi Body Loofa Circle Shape

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Product Description:

Loofahs or sometimes spelled as ‘Luffas’ are showering accessories used to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Alwadi Body Loofah Circle Shape offers an amazing bathing experience. The material used in loofah sponges is derived from the vines of the melon and cucumber family. The loofah is an all-natural, cleaning scrub for exfoliating your skin and pores. Exfoliating your skin has numerous benefits. The circular-shaped loofah is a great exfoliator for your body as it can help in removing oil and dirt built up in the skin and unclog your pores. This will leave your skin feeling smoother and fresher.

Physical exfoliant

Completely natural plant-based fiber used in the making of loofah

Makes the skin appear clean, youthful, and even by sloughing off dead skin cells and leaving you with healthy and new skin

Used for improving blood circulation while you shower or bathe, activates blood vessels to properly circulate blood

Helps in the removal of dead skin cells without damaging the healthy and young skin cells underneath. It makes skin look more youthful and glowing

A great tool to release stress or tension in muscles or pressure points and leaves you with a refreshed and relaxed feeling

Helps in reducing breakouts by cleaning out clogged pores

Also improves skin elasticity, reducing sagging, and appearance of fine lines

Easy to use due to its circular shape and handle

How to use:

Wet the loofah sponge with warm water which will help in softening as well as cleaning it before usage

Apply soap on it, preferably in liquid form, if available. Using a liquid soap will be convenient to create more foam

Gently massage the loofah against your skin in circular motions.

Wash out the foam from your skin once cleansed entirely. Make sure all the soap and cleanser is completely removed

Rinse the loofah after every use

Hang it to dry in the sun

Caution & Warnings:

Do not dry the loofah in the bathroom, as it may attract bacteria due to moisture. Dry it under sunlight or in a dry environment

Do not scrub the loofah too hard as it may result in rashes or burns due to trans-epidermal water loss

Loofahs may be abrasive for particular skin types. Apply minimal pressure if you have sensitive skin. If you notice redness or irritation after using the loofah, stop usage, and consult a doctor immediately

If you notice molds or a bad odor, dispose of the loofah safely and replace it with a new one

Recommended to replace loofah every month

Keep away from the eyes

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  • Manufacturer: Alwadi
  • Product form: Loofah