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Alwadi Body Loofa Hand Shape

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Product Description:

Bathing with fancy products that enhance the process is always rejuvenating and relaxing. A loofah can help spread your soap in all parts of your body and helps in proper absorption into the skin. It is a rejuvenating experience and Alwadi Body Loofa Hand Shape makes that experience even better. Its hand shape is often attractive to people who use it, as it feels like you are using your own hand to apply the soap lather properly. It is an excellent tool for cleansing and body care and provides healthy and well-moisturized skin. It helps in the equal spread of the lather and easy application makes it even more appropriate for daily use. It is not harsh against the skin and gives you an overall refreshing experience by gently cleansing your body with the application of right amount of scrubbing. Cleansing and body care can turn out to be a whole new fun experience with these loofahs.

Helps in easy application of soap lather and spreading the lather all over the body

Offers right amount of scrubbing without hurting the skin

Promotes easy absorption of the soap properties for the rejuvenation of the skin

Helps you feel relaxed after your bath through gentle massaging while you cleanse

Cleansing is done effortlessly and your skin feels soft and supple after continuous and proper use

The product is not harsh against the skin

How to use:

Used during bathing

Used for cleansing and health care

Apply soap on your body and use this loofah to spread the soap evenly across your body

Massage with this loofah after application of soap to scrub the dirt off your body with the help of soap lather

Repeat the process if necessary

Wash away the lather with clean water

Wash the loofah with water to remove all the soap from it and leave it to dry before using it during next bath

Caution & Warnings:

There are chances of getting your soap and loofah accidentally into your eyes. In case that happens, wash your eyes immediately with water

This loofah is meant for the external parts of the body and not to scrub your eyes or other sensitive parts

Do not scrub with a lot of pressure as this may hurt your skin and create scratches

Do not share your loofah with others as it may lead to contamination and spread of germ from one body to other

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  • Manufacturer: Alwadi
  • Product form: Loofah