Beauteous Contact Lenses Exotic Grey

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Product Description:  

Beauteous Contact Lenses  Grey

How to use:

Place a single clean lens on the of the tip of the index or middle finger of your dominate hand

And pull down the lower eye lid with the middle or ring finger of the same hand

Use your hand to hold the upper lid open

Look directly at the lens or look directly into a mirror and place the lens directly

On the conea (large colored area in the center of the eye)

Slowly release the pressure on your eye lid. close your eye and

Gently massage your eye very lightly. however. Never rub your eye

Caution & Warnings:

Hands should be washed and thoroughly rinsed before handling lens

Soap that is free of oils .lotions or perfumes is recommended

Hands should be completely dried with a lint free towel


Tow sterile soft contact lenses

Polymacon 38% water contents In saline solution

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  • Manufacturer: Beauteous
  • Color: Grey