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Beurer Heating Pad HK-COMFORT

199.00 SAR

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Product Description:

You won’t have to worry about getting the shivers with Beurer’s Heating Pad HK-Comfort. This cosy and soft heating pad made of micro-fibre cover is perfect for keeping yourself warm along with an automatic switching off mechanism after 90 minutes. It’s breathable, comfortable and skin-friendly. Furthermore, it is machine washable at 30 degree Celsius and is available at 3 temperature settings. Fast heating functions that leave you snug and warm and ready for more.


Snug and skin-friendly

Fast heating

3 temperature settings

Beurer Safety System (BSS)

Automatic switching off system after 90 minutes

Accurate electronic temperature regulation

Illuminated temperature settings

Removable switch

Super soft heating pad

Heating pad: machine washable at 30 degree Celsius

How to use:


The heating pad is fitted with a safety system. This sensor technology provides protection against overheating across the entire surface of the heating pad with an automatic switch-off in the event of a fault. If the safety system has switched off the heating pad, the temperature settings are no longer illuminated when switched on. Please note that for safety reasons, the heating pad can no longer be operated after a fault has occurred and must be sent to the specified service address.

Initial use:

Ensure that the heating pad will not bunch up or become folded during use.

First, connect the controller to the heating pad by inserting the plug-in coupling. Then plug the mains plug into the socket.

Switching on:

To switch the heating pad on, set the sliding switch for ON/OFF and temperature settings to setting 1, 2 or 3. The temperature settings are illuminated when switched on.

Setting the temperature:

Level 0: OFF Level 1: minimum heat Level 2: medium heat Level 3: maximum heat

NOTE: These heating pads have a fast heating function, which allows the pad to warm up faster in the first 10 minutes. If the heating pad is being used over several hours, we recommend that you set the lowest temperature setting on the controller to avoid overheating the heated body part, which may lead to burns to the skin.

Caution & Warnings:

Keep away from children aged 0-3 years. Use on children 3-8 years under adult supervision

Do not use while wet and do not poke needles into it

This heating pad must not be used by people who are not sensitive to heat or by vulnerable people who may not be able to react to overheating

Do not use when folded or bunched up

Do not pull, twist or make sharp bends in the cables

Please check this heating pad frequently for signs of wear and tear or damage.

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  • Manufacturer: 207820
  • Product form: 164447
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