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Biorepair Toothpaste Fast Sensitive Repair 75 ml

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Product Description:

Do you feel sensitivity problems while having cold or hot drinks? Are you worried about these problems? Then here is an amazing product for you, Biorepair Toothpaste Fast Sensitive Repair 75 ml. The toothpaste consists of hydroxyapatite, which makes the product quite effective in enamel repairing. The microRepair microparticles are so small that they fill up the cracks and make the enamel strong. This toothpaste smoothens the roughness, repairs the surface, and makes the teeth shiny. The product forms a protective layer over the exposed nerves and prevents sensitivity problems. It also prevents the formation of plaque and germs in the mouth and gives long-lasting protection. The paste is free from fluoride, paraben, silica, and helps in protecting the teeth, gums and also prevents acidic erosion. Moreover, it gives a refreshing essence to the mouth and provides nourishment to the teeth.


The toothpaste contains microRepair microparticles that fill up the cracks, scratches of the teeth and increases the strength of the enamel.

It assists in preventing bacterial and germicidal growth in the buccal cavity

It is highly helpful for sensitivity issues as they are free from titanium dioxide, silica, and fluorides

Protect the gums from bacterial infection and freshens the breath

The paste also prevents the formation of tartar and loss of natural whiteness of the tooth

The product can be used daily for 2 times a day and thus, closes all the open dental tubules

How to use:

Take toothbrush with soft bristles and place some amount of the paste on the bristles

Now use the brush gently in a circular motion on the teeth surface

Clean the upper and lower portion of the jaw softly and slowly

Clean the chewing surfaces of the teeth well

Now spit out the toothpaste after brushing properly. Rinse your mouth with clean water

Even after rinsing, some amount of the paste stays back which provides nourishment to the gums and teeth

Caution & Warnings:

Excessive use of the paste may cause damage to the teeth and taste buds

The product can be used by adults and children (6 years and above)

If the paste is swallowed, have plenty of water frequently

Make sure that the brush used has soft bristles. Clean the brush properly every day to maintain hygiene


In case any black or brown spots appear on teeth after using the toothpaste, one should immediately stop using the product and consult a doctor.

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  • Manufacturer: Biorepair
  • Product form: Paste