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8 Tips for Using Makeup during Summer

Use waterproof products: In a situation of makeup meltdown, you need to keep your makeup as sweat-proof as possible. Go for a waterproof makeup during summers as one tends to swim, sit near the seaside or attend weddings. This way, sweat will find it hard to break the permanency of waterproof makeup and won’t mess up with your looks.

Use SPF-included Matte Primer: It will barricade the overproduction of oil and will keep your makeup intact, moreover, it will blur the imperfections of your skin.

Use a Gel-based or Powder Products: These products fight oil as they won’t give you a cakey looking makeup. Regular touchups of face powder will ensure a sweat-proof face the entire day.

Use oil-blotting sheets: They are matchless as they keep the shine at bay.

oil blotting during summer

Avoid heavy makeup: Let your skin breath by using lightweight products like BB, CC creams or powder foundations that will normalize your skin texture.

Ignore thick and cakey lipsticks: Choose light pink/coral shades or matte liquid lipsticks with SPF based lip balm to protect your lips too.

Keep your eye cream in the refrigerator: Applying it cold will reduce the puffiness of eyes and will make the eye area fresh, immediately.cream and moister

Remove your makeup carefully: Never go to sleep with makeup on. By abiding to this tip, you will maintain a fine fettle skin as the makeup removal process itself is a great skin protection.



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