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Baby Food Stages

Making Strides

NOW that baby is between 9 and 11 months, you may notice that her appetite is growing and that she’s eating more solid foods.

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Finger Foods

For the first half-year (and then some) of her life, your baby is most likely happy for you to feed her when she eats. That may start to change around the age of 9 months. 

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A feast For the Senses

When your baby eats, the taste is only part of the experience. Now that she's experimenting with finger foods, she'll become more interested in the way her food feels in her hands, its color, and its aroma.

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Baby's First Meals

Around the age of 6months, your baby will probably be ready to start trying solid foods. At first, baby's meals will be more about learning how to eat than actually eating much food. In fact, at this stage, she's still getting most of her nutrition from breast milk or formula and is nursing or getting a bottle least5-3times a day

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