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Beautiful Skin Inside and Out

Beautiful Skin Inside and Out with Nuxe

Beautiful Skin Inside and Out with Nuxe


Skin lightening: NUXE White® is a complete ritual based on the effective combination of white flowers and vitamin c, which have shown excellent results in relation to the complexion’s transparency and evenness. Flowers’ petal soft NUXE White creams spread easily on the skin and fragrance it with white flowers fragrance. Follow the complete steps of NUXE White range to get a glowing healthy skin:

Brightening Purifying Foam Cleanses the skin without drying it, helps eliminate impurities and reduce excess sebum. It helps detoxifies, clarifies all skin types by forming a lather of coconut, corn and sunflower extracts.


Brightening Moisturizing Lotion NUXE White Soothes, refreshes, softens all skin types with the help of its gentle exfoliating grains, hibiscus flower extract and Purific acid that encourages cell renewal and refines skin texture with no irritation. The 100% natural Hyaluronic Acid keeps the surface of the skin hydrated which makes softer to touch and leaves no greasy or sticky film.


Intensive Whitening Dark Spot Correcting Serum NUXE White Helps correct and diminish the appearance of dark spots on all skin types. This serum, highly concentrated with brightening effective ingredients such as lily extract and vitamin C that helps reduce dark spots and improves complexion transparency.


Brightening Moisturizing Emulsion NUXE White This silky soft brightening emulsion with its rice powder, cherry flowers and natural glycerine helps re-plumps the skin and reduces the number and appearance of dark spots while improving the complexion transparency. It also revives skin radiance and lightens its yellow colour to reveal new vital skin. The skin becomes more pure with this emulsion and supple with reduced dark spots due to its natural ingredients such as lilies, white saffron and vitamin C.


Daily UV Protector SPF30 PA+++ NUXE White A skincare product that offers triple protection: SPF30 PA +++, cellular and anti-pollution. It protects the skin from UVB and UVA with its mixture of chemicals filters and minerals. It moisturizes, helps prevent the appearance of visible signs of premature skin ageing and the formation of dark spots. Skin cells protection is granted by the cocoa extracts, jasmine, vitamin E and strong anti-oxidants. Polyphenol extracted from the chia plant protects the skin from getting affected by heavy metals and helps to remove poisonous substances.


Brightening BB Cream SPF 30 PA +++ NUXE White Unifies and reduces the appearance of dark spots, beautifies, moisturises. Beautifier skincare that offers a dual perfecting and brightening action for a radiant, transparent complexion. This is due to its effective formula which is made of a mixture of sunscreens and mineral filters that help preventing the appearance of dark spots. This is supported by lightening components (white saffron and Daisy flower extract) and moisturising components (Borago officinalis seed oil). In addition to this mineral, dyes unify the colour of the skin while natural silica powder glows the skin and makes it purer. Also green tea works on tightening pores.


Brightening Perfecting Mask NUXE White Brightening tissue mask is made from non-woven and 100% cotton saturated with active ingredients (Lily, white saffron, vitamin C, cherry flowers). This effective mask tightens pores and offers an instant perfecting result. It helps reduce the number and appearance of dark spots and improves complexion transparency. It can be used twice a week for 10 minutes each time to enjoy a supple and plumped skin.