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Hair Care

Hair loss

Men and women equally suffer from hair loss problems the reason behind this is either due to the health condition of the individual or due to the surrounding environment. Naturally one may lose around 70 hair strands per day but anything exceeding that is considered a hair loss problem.So what are the reasons behind hair loss?

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Priorin and its benefits for the hair

Priorin has shown significant improvements in hair growth for women who participated in a research study. The empirical evidence indicates that there is a clear decrease in hair loss, better nourishment to the hair and a growth increase. What are the active ingredients of Priorin?

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Five tips to get back your hair vitality

As seasons change the ways to care for your hair health and vitality also change, due to the variation in temperature and other weather factors that can be harmful for your hair and skin such as sun rays, humidity and sweating. Therefore, it is important to follow some useful advices to aid protection against those factors. Here are some of the most important advices to protect your hair during the summer season.

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