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Do You Know Your Skin Well ?

Do You Know Your Skin Well ?

How to identify your skin type?

There are five basic types of skin, each type needs special care and a different set of nutrients. You can easily identify your skin type by observing it closely and comparing it with the following results:

Oily skin: Your skin turns shiny with spots and enlarged pores.

Dry skin: Your skin often feels tight, prone to break out and becomes flaky.

Combination skin: Some areas of your skin fit into each of the previous categories and you suffer from oily and dry skin problems at the same time.

Sensitive skin: You have rashes, irritation and sensitivity to certain products.

Normal skin: You have none of these symptoms to a great degree.

skin types and what to use


Basic Skin Nutrients:

In general the most important nutrients for all types are:

  • Keratin: It is a major nutrient, which helps in building up your skin, so taking its supplements can provide a boost to your skin’s health.
  • Vitamin A and B: They provide skin protection.
  • Copper: It provides the fuel that your skin needs to stay healthy.


Skin types and their needs:

  • Unsurprisingly, normal skin is the least problematic type of skin. It can remain healthy with minimal maintenance.
  • Dry skin and oily skin both benefit from vitamin A’s gland stabilizing abilities.
  • Combination skin needs a good balanced amount of the nutrients mentioned above, keep the oily forehead and nose area clean, while moisturize the dry cheeks and eyes for enjoying a healthy skin.
  • Sensitive skin needs a plenty of keratin to maintain the strength of your skin along with a dose of vitamin D, which helps to keep the sensitive skin safe.

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