Dry skin and its suitable products


Dry skin suffers from a symptom of limited ability to produce enough grease and oils for the skin to do its natural functions and to look beautiful. Due to the low rate of essential grease the skin appears pale, dry, rough and too thin which leads to skin hardening and peeling off and the appearance of skin flakes especially in the winter season.

dry skincare tips


The outer layer of the skin works as a protective barrier and therefore, it needs enough moistness to function properly. The transparent greasy skin layer covering the skin cells needs water and moisture to stay flexible and supple. Water evaporation from dry skin due to change in temperature is considered one of the most common causes for skin damage. In addition, cold air contains less humidity than warm air which makes it more harmful to dry skin.


dry skin and how to take care of it


Dry skin is more likely to develop early wrinkles and inflammation than other types of skin. And the secret to keep it healthy and preventing early wrinkles is to moisturising it regularly.


Due to the fact that dry skin is thin, sensitive and have lost many of its vital components that makes it look healthy and young it is a must to deal with it gently and to care for it on regular basis to prevent it from health deterioration. Therefore, you are advised to follow the following recommendations:



It is important to cleanse the skin regularly using a special cleanser designed for the dry skin and rich in moisturising ingredients. It is also recommended to do a facial steam bath with moisturising oils such as wheat oil, rosemary oil and camomile oil.

You may also gently make a mild scrub once a week to remove dead skin cells and revitalising the skin by revealing the new skin layer that makes it look healthy and young. But that should be done only on one condition, and that is to apply moisturising cream designed for dry skin immediately after the scrub session.



air moist for dry skin




Moisturising cream is essential and should be used daily to keep the dry skin sufficiently moisturised. It is also recommended to massage the skin with the help of natural oils such as almond oil and avocado to increase moistness rate of the outer layer of the skin. It is also recommended to make a moisturising facial mask twice a week, preferably, using natural masks containing natural ingredients such as honey, almond oil and rose water.


Correcting wrong showering mistakes:

Those who have dry skin must shower with lukewarm water and refrain from showering with hot water which can easily damage the dry skin. Reduce soap usage and avoid alkaline soap which can increase the dryness of the skin and replace it with moisturising soap preferably the type that contain natural ingredients such as honey and camomile which work as calming agent to the skin while showering. Reduce showering time to 10 minutes. 


Dry your skin with ultra-soft towel with gentle patting action only, and avoid rubbing your skin with it. It is also recommended to apply a moisturising cream 3 minutes after the shower to ensure a proper absorption and to replenish what could have been lost of moisture during the shower. You should also make sure that you wear soft clothes and refrain from wearing rough clothes such as the ones made with wool or skin irritating fabrics.


Dry air treatment:

In many cases   the skin becomes too dry due to the dryness of the surrounding environment which mainly happens because of the Air Conditioning equipment at our homes. Those ACs are effective dehumidifiers. Therefore, it is recommended to use humidifiers equipment to make the balance.


Refrain from smoking:

It is well known to everyone how harmful smoking to the body is in general. It increases the Nicotine in the body which leads to weakening and tightening blood vessels restricting blood flow. It also reduces the rate of Oxygen in the blood and limits important nutrients from reaching the skin cells. Also the emitted smoke from burning cigarettes dry your skin further from the outside and make your skin looks 10 years older. Hence, you must refrain from smoking and avoid the company of smokers.


Skin protection:

Dry skin needs protection more than most other types of skin as it can quickly be damaged by external environment factors such as rise of temperature and direct sun rays. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to apply a protective sunscreen with high cream concentration before going out of home. So care must be taken to select a sunscreen rich in moisturising cream and specially designed for dry skin.

You also need to protect your hands when cleaning your home or washing your dishes with detergents.  Wearing such gloves would protect your hands from drying out and getting damaged by the strong chemicals of the household detergents.


Avoid perfume and alcohol:

Dry skin is extremely sensitive to perfumes and alcohol and can be easily irritated by those cosmetic products that are high in perfumes and alcohol. Therefore, you should refrain from wearing perfumes directly on your skin and replace your alcohol based cosmetics with alcohol and perfume free creams. 


Diet system:

In general the body needs a balanced diet system to keep it healthy. But you are advised here to focus on a diet system that contains all the elements that are essential for the skin, which are abundantly found in vegetables, fruits, wholegrains and raw nuts. Also eggs, fish and dairy products that are rich in probiotics are important sources of protein and zinc and good for fighting inflammation. You also need to include foods that are rich in vitamin A, E and C as they are effective antioxidants and very important to keep your skin healthy. So red fruits, lemon, oranges, carrots and avocado are some of the important foods rich in antioxidants as well as other essential elements for your skin health.

It is strictly prohibited to have soft drinks and you should also stay away from chocolate and fried potatoes as well as drinks high in caffeine which has diuretic effect and can reduce the normal rate of body hydration. 


Improving blood circulation:

The best and fastest way to increase blood circulation is by exercising. This would aid the effectiveness of delivering the essential nutrients to the cells. It is also recommended to do a gentle massage to the skin by the help of almond oil and avocado to increase blood flow without exhausting your skin.

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