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Diabetes and smoking

Smoking has several profound effects on human health in general, and for diabetics in particular, as it is a contributing factor in increasing the chances of developing diabetes complications, which may be as follows: • Infections of the retina, which may multiply and lead to blindness • Nerve inflammation that affects people's extremities • Deficiencies in kidney and heart function • High blood sugar level Watch the video below from Salmtum tips to explore the best methodologies diabetics can follow for smoking quit.

Mental health of diabetics

Are you a diabetic patient? Enjoying better health and having delicious food! You sit nervously in the waiting room of the medical analysis laboratory, waiting for the results of the examination, and you have frightening thoughts: Is the result positive? Do I have diabetes? Is it the first type? Second? Or is it the pre-infection stage? "The results appear to indicate that you are diabetic." It seemed too scary at first. That means you can say goodbye to holiday cakes, sweets, chocolate, freshly baked bread, sweet tea, and other delicious blood sugar-raising foods. Despite having diabetes, and by making sufficient effort, you can enjoy your favorite sweets every time.

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Diabetics Mental health

Mental health of diabetics Diabetes is like many diseases that impose a drastic change on the lives of people affected by it. Starting from the moment the disease is diagnosed, you need to believe that this would result in many changes in your lifestyle, behavior and your daily routine. In addition, it would impose changes in the level of your psychological and mental health. It is crucial that you become aware of all aspects of these changes and their future impact on your life and to try hard to accept them in order to, hopefully, prevent any complications or negative effects that may destabilize your psychological and mental state later. It is undeniably not easy, especially in the early stages, when you find a serious responsibility suddenly falling on your shoulders, and you are unable to live with these new changes. These changes are definitely not affecting you alone, but also to your surrounding environment such as friends, family and colleagues. This is the point when you’d face your biggest challenge, which revolves mainly around how to manage diabetes with all the new equations it imposes in your life, and how to be aware and appreciative of the size of the responsibility that falls on yourself during the treatment journey. Before that, let's explore and discover how your body and mental health are affected by diabetes and vice versa.

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Blood glucose & how to control it

Blood glucose & how to control it Blood glucose, known as "blood sugar," is the number that represents the concentration of blood sugar level resulting from the digestion of food and what the hepatic stores, so we can say it's the number one source of energy in our body. So, what if blood sugar rises? Would it affect the body's energy – which it is primarily responsible for?

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Life-threatening complications & how to deal with them

Life-threatening complications & how to deal with them Diabetes complications are no joke. That’s why we must prevent them from happening! Life is not just about being alive, it's about being healthy so we can live the life we want. Unfortunately, there were millions of patients that lost the meaning of feeling alive when they lost their health. There has been a significant increase in the number of people affected with one of the most common diseases of our time, diabetes. And this number is rising rapidly. The reasons for this refer mainly to a group of factors that relate to people's lifestyles and attitudes toward nutrition and health. The number of diabetics in the world reached 537 million, according to the report of the International Diabetes Federation in 2021. The report also mentioned that the disease prevalence rate is the highest in the world with an increase of 2.16%, and it is projected to increase to 3.19% by 2045.

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