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Fragrance Layering: How to Layer Scents

The Art of Fragrance Layering: How to Layer & Blend Your Fragrance

Ever bought a costly perfume and worried whether it’s long-lasting? Or ever sought to wear a unique fragrance customized only for you?


While many shoppers are ready to pay a good deal to create their own customized perfume that best suits their personality, blending fragrances can give an equally satisfying and unique touch that sets you apart. However, there’s an art for it, and it’s called the art of fragrance layering.


Beyond creating a dynamic scent that would get you recognized in your circle, layering perfumes, oils and other aromatic beauty products helps you keep a fragrance longer. Applying scented skin oil or lotion before wearing a perfume not only prevents your skin from fully absorbing one fragrance, but also creates a strong base that makes your perfume long-lasting. Since each fragrance smells different according to skin type, layering sharpens the true smell of a fragrance that best suits your skin.


The common myth about fragrance layering is its reference to applying multiple perfumes on top of each other. But mixing scents, however, applies to any scented product including lotions, hand creams, shampoo, conditioner or even deodorants. Let your creativity go wild while layering your fragrances and reward yourself with a unique dimension to your overall scent.


Just like any art, blending and combining fragrances has its own rules. To avoid heavy or incompatible scents mixed together, fragrance layering is about incorporating the right scents to give you the desired impact and blend perfectly within your beauty routine.


The central rule of layering fragrances is to start with mixing lighter fragrances of a common note. So, imagine the type of scent you will get if you mix a citrus with soft Oud or two Gardenia fragrances.


When blending fragrances, it is best to use scents that are not in sharp contrast - unless you want to go wild, but that also has its own rules. If you’re feeling brave, you can pick two fragrances with contrasting scent family such as mixing a woody scent with citrus, sweet creamy scent with musk or amber with a spice. And once you mix two fragrances together, it is best to start with the heavier scents to create a good base for you. A woody-based lotion for example would make a good base for more floral body mists or perfumes. For example, the Body Shop’s Black Musk body mist can form a spicy base for a Night Jasmine scent. The combinations and mixes you can make to create your own scent are unlimited!


Finding the best pairing that best matches your skin type is a matter of experience. Start with the guaranteed fragrances like floral and citrus scents to give you a flowery base, and don’t be afraid to go wild with heavier scents once you master the skill of fragrance layering.


The safest way to kick off your new habit is to take your favorite perfume and try adding another scent to it. It will show you the sharp edge you can add to your personality and open your eyes on a whole new range of possible odors you were never aware of. Above all, it is long-lasting!


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