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Hair & Skin Changes During Pregnancy

five ways your pregnancy hormones might affect your hair and skin

As you head into your second trimester, here are five ways your pregnancy hormones might affect your hair and skin

Stretch marks: These marks happen when your skin stretches to make room for your baby. They are thought to be genetic, although some women like to use a targeted body cream to keep their skin feeling moisturized and supple. Most marks will fade over time after your baby is born

Blemishes: Changing hormones mean the glands in your skin produce more oil, which can lead to spots. Help keep oily skin clear by double cleansing at night. Use a gentle cream cleanser to remove all make-up and oils and follow with a lightweight, water-based moisturizer.

Glowing skin: It’s not all bad news, the ‘pregnancy glow’ you hear about is real! Your skin retains more moisture during pregnancy, which gives a plumping effect. Hormones also increase your body’s circulation for rosier cheeks and a radiant glow.

 Sensitive skin: Increased circulation may also make skin more sensitive to your usual beauty products. If this happens, swap them for gentler, non-fragranced versions. Your skin will also be more sensitive to sun and heat, so keep cool and use an SPF where needed.

 Hair changes: Expect your locks to look and feel thicker as changing estrogen levels stop hair shedding. Some women find their hair changes texture too – it may get straighter, shinier, curlier or drier, so invest in a new shampoo and conditioner to complement your hair type.

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