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10 Tips and Advices to Prevent Diabetes Complications For a better life and healthier body

Maintain a normal sugar level and check regularly You might ask What is a normal blood sugar level?
You can take control over your blood sugar level by following some simple habits such as: Doing some exercises for example, walking - and following a sugar-free diet plan. You might also increase time spacing between meals to give your body enough time to digest sugar and keep normal blood sugar level for as long as possible; for example, you might start your day early by having your breakfast and move on doing your day-to-day activities and have your lunch by midday. In addition, you need to remember to undergo a medical examination once every three months, while you can undergo examinations every six months afterwards.
Keep an eye on your body’s cholesterol level An increased level of cholesterol could potentially lead to dangerous heart diseases or even brain attack (stroke). Hence, patients are always advised to conduct regular examinations and follow up with their doctors. In most cases, doctors might recommend known medications used in case of high cholesterol levels, in addition to adopting a customized diet plan, and doing suitable exercises regularly. Quit smoking If you are a smoker, you should know the danger of high blood sugar on your health, as smoking increases the risk of heart disease and stroke, not to mention lung disease. Talk to your doctor about ways to help you stop smoking. Always watch any changes on your feet Diabetes damages the nervous system and prevents blood flow to the feet, which leads to sore feet; Observe your feet frequently and check for any redness or cracks to prevent them from multiplying suddenly. Make sure to lose weight whenever you need to If your weight is more than normal, start with small steps, and get rid of the extra weight to improve your body's ability to use insulin. By doing this, you’d help lower blood sugar levels and improve blood pressure as well. You can also start by getting rid of sugar-based food and reducing calories in the food you consume. Get rid of stress in your life Being exposed to stress can lead to an increase in blood sugar levels, so it is recommended to always keep relaxed in order to reduce stress. While drinking herbal drinks or talking to others are good ideas to reduce stress, You need to avoid problems, arguments or conflict with those around you, and always surround yourself with positivity. Take good care of your kidneys Your kidneys get rid of waste products that in return leave your body when you go to the bathroom, so high blood sugar levels can overburden your kidneys, causing them to be weakened and malfunctioning. The more you maintain blood levels, the more you protect yourself from kidney diseases. Undergo eye medical tests regularly Not maintaining blood sugar in normal levels in your body might lead to damaging your eyes, resulting in a loss of your ability to see. Knowing this, it is necessary to follow up with your ophthalmologist in the event of a sudden loss of vision. To avoid this dangerous symptom, it is necessary to exercise and follow a sugar-free diet. Maintain healthy, good-looking teeth Diabetes exposes the patient to gum infections, and to avoid this as much as possible, it is necessary to brush your teeth twice a day. Check your teeth twice a year and contact your doctor if your gums are swollen or bleeding. Coexists with your illness Many people with diabetes suffer from feelings of denial because of their fear of the idea of having a chronic disease. It is true that diabetes is chronic, but by following the tips above, you can easily enjoy a healthy, easy life and keep away from serious complications. So many people get diagnosed with diabetes and despite this, they live a long life away from the above-mentioned complications, by following a healthy diet plan and exercising regularly. The decision is yours, so get up and exercise, for a better life and a healthier body. You can also join supporting groups of diabetes patients, and watch encouraging videos to feel positive, and achieve your goal of a happy and complication-free life.