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Mental health of diabetics

It's not a disease, but a new lifestyle. You are not alone! According to the International Federation Organization, the number of diabetics around the world reached 537 million. With a vast number of affected individuals, the necessity for increased education regarding the disease and its implications is critical. Additionally, this lifestyle must be accepted and dealt with as if it's an indicator of a body's need for specific types of food and making a greater sporting effort. This is due to increased blood sugar that precedes other serious diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, nerve damage, eye problems, etc. What should I do? 1. Change your eating regimen. 2. Exercise regularly. 3. Share food with family and friends in restaurants but eat mindfully. 4. Read more about the disease and get to know your body. What food should I eat? Variate the food you eat and remember that the "amount" is important. You can taste mango, for example, but do not overdo it. This principle is the same for other fruits and sweets with a high sugar content.
Refrain from eating foods that contain a lot of carbohydrates and do not eat more vegetables with high carbohydrates, such as potatoes. Avoid soft drinks, unnatural juices, or juices that contain a lot of sugar, like sugarcane juice. Avoid fried foods and replace them with grilled options. Despite their deliciousness, minimize the following items in your diet to better maintain a balanced blood sugar: white bread, French fries, fast food, chips, potatoes, chocolate, etc. The list of prohibited foods may seem large, as they contain the most delicious foods, but you must remember: If you stay healthy, you can taste these foods every so often, and your permanent physical health is better than a short-term pleasure. Easy to cook recipes that you can eat: • Chicken breasts with vegetables. • Brown rice with vegetables. • Grilled vegetable tray with chicken. • Almond bread. • Fish tray with vegetables. • Cinnamon biscuits. • Eggplant moussaka. Having food outside the home Do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of hiking with family or friends, and do not feel ashamed of being diabetic. As we mentioned previously, you are not alone and sometimes it is genetic as it is unrelated to the types of food you eat. But when you go out with others and go to restaurants, choose foods with low sugar and carbohydrates and avoid starches. If you go out to public places such as parks, it is okay to prepare your own meal for yourself that you can share with others.
Playing sports Exercise on a regular basis to burn sugar quickly. Some examples of appropriate and non-exhausting exercises include: • Walking: It is very useful and helps in burning sugar, and you can do this at home with no need to go outside, but only for a certain period. • Running • Jumping • Swimming • Bike riding General Tips: - Follow up on your health with your doctor and always consult him/her about appropriate foods and possible exercises. - Drink more water. - Reduce the quantities and leave space between meals to allow the body to get rid of sugar and burn it before having another meal. - Check your sugar level periodically. - Do not be ashamed of diabetes, coexist with it. It is true that having diabetes will change your life, but it may change it for the better. You have the opportunity to live a healthy life with balanced food and exercise. We wish you a happy healthy life.