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7 mistakes we make while washing our faces

Some people take face washing for granted and think it is an easy daily habit that needs no expert advice. In fact, many women make several mistakes unintentionally that makes their habit of face washing more damaging than helping. So, they may be irritating their skin or making it age earlier than it should do. Therefore, we have listed 7 mistakes for you in this article that you should avoid while washing your face.

1. Choosing the wrong face wash:

There is a wide range of face wash products that are designed to different types of skin. That is why you need to identify what type of skin you have first then choose the matching face wash to its type. In general, experts advise not to use soap and replace it with a gentle face wash gel or foaming face wash for oily skin and creamy face wash for dry skin.


 2. Forgetting to wash your hands before washing your face:

Dermatologists insist on washing the hands before washing the face to prevent transferring germs, infection or dirt to your face.


 3. Using the same towel for more than one day:

Dermatologists advise not to use the towel for several days as germs start accumulating from the first day. Changing your towel every day prevents from getting a skin infection. It is also recommended to dry your face with a soft cotton towel without applying pressure.


 4. Washing with hot water or cold water:

Too high or too cold water temperature causes skin inflammation and dryness. Therefore, you have to use lukewarm water to ensure cleansing without harming.


 5. Excessive exfoliation:

Exfoliation should be limited and not be used as part of your daily cleansing routine. Using on a daily basis damages the skin. The purpose of using it should be as what it is made for, and that is to remove the dead skin cells that are blocking the skin pores without destroying the new skin cells. Thus, exfoliation should not be done more than two times per week. Also, make sure to use a gentle exfoliating product that suits your skin type and to be free from rough scrubbing particles.


 6. Not washing your face thoroughly:

You need to wash away the face cleanser properly and make sure no leftover is remaining. Most of face washing products do not get removed easily and if it stays on your skin it will cause irritation and dryness.


 7. Not washing your face enough:

One face wash per day may be enough for the dry skin but most other types of skin require two times of washing per day. Once when getting up from bed to remove the dead skin cells that are renewed overnight. And once again before going to bed to clean your face from dirt and makeup which blocks the pores and harm the skin.


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