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Oily Skin and Its Suitable Products

Learn how to take care of oily skin

Oily skin and suitable products for it

Oily or greasy skin is a type of skin that has an abnormal production level of grease which has undesirable oily shine and feels. Although, its spores are wider than that of a normal skin yet excess sebum which is the vicious and thick grease of the skin may find difficulties emerging through spores due to the accumulation of dirt or hair which may lead to developing pimples. Despite all the disadvantages of having greasy skin, it is distinguished with its ability to preserve its youth for long. Those who have greasy skin do not get skin lines or early wrinkles. However, like all other skin types, greasy skin needs special care too in order to keep it healthy and free from pimples and black spots as well as to get rid of the undesirable oily feel and appearance. The following are some tips for your daily care routine of greasy skin:

How to take care of your oily skin

  • Regular removal of excess grease: The simplest way to treat excessive production of grease is to wipe it by the use of soft tissues during the day. So if you were one of those who have greasy skin make sure to keep in your purse ultra-soft cotton tissues. They can absorb the extra oils from all skin areas such as cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin.
  • Cleansing: It is recommended to cleanse greasy skin at least twice a day in order to remove accumulated dirt and excess grease on the skin surface during the day. To do this the right way you need to use a medical cleanser designed for greasy skins. Using the wrong product won’t give the desired results and may cause damages to your skin which quickly absorb the unsuitable substances and react with it. It is also advised not to use soap intensively to avoid converting your greasy skin into dry and inelastic skin. Soap can remove skin oils completely and cause PH deficiency which affects the normal function of active skin enzymes.
  • Following a healthy diet: Very much like all other types of skin, there are essential nutritional elements greasy skin needs to gain its vitality. Sulfur, Zink, Selenium, and antioxidants are some of the main elements needed for its health therefore, care must be taken to include food rich in those elements such as eggs, onions, garlic, raw nuts, wholegrain, fish and fresh fruits and vegetables. It is also advised to avoid meat high in fat, fast food, large quantities of roasted nuts and all types of soft drinks.
  • Moisturizing: Use non-greasy moisturizer cream designed for greasy skin. Also, avoid oily based moisturizing creams.

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