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Osteoporosis in Men and Women

What is Osteoporosis?

  • It is a condition that affects the whole skeleton. It has its roots in the way the bones grow, change and respond to the environment.

  • Bones must grow, renew themselves and occasionally even heal themselves, they can’t simply be a constant and static structure.

  • Instead, their cells are constantly replenished and replaced in a carefully balanced process, where old bone material is removed from the bone while new minerals are deposited in the bone to replace them, under the control of hormones, including estrogen and testosterone to maintain a healthy bone density.

  • New bone mass is only deposited on the outside of the bone, the bones get thicker, but not any denser as we age.

  • In the case of the osteoporosis, this effect is often extrapolated by the imbalance of estrogen, testosterone and other hormones.

Does osteoporosis affect men and women differently?

Yes! The reason is the different effects of testosterone and estrogen, the condition can affect men and women differently, especially at menopause. The differences can be summarized within the following table:

Issue Men Women
Specific sex hormone Testosterone Oestrogen
Hormone’s effect on bone density Slight Extreme
Hormone reduction with age Gradual with age More sudden with menopause
Chances of fracture Less common More common especially after menopause
Treatments Fewer More, especially for postmenopausal osteoporosis



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