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  •  Allergy | Symptoms, Allergic reaction| Nahdi pharmacies What is an allergic reaction

    We offer you information around Allergens & ways of controlling Allergies

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  • What are allergens? What are allergens?

    Allergens are all around us .. Although allergens cannot be avoided completely, knowing which types affect you will help you manage their symptoms smartly.

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  • Difference between Allergy and Cold Difference between Allergy and Cold

    A person gets allergies almost all the time, so it is easy to confuse it with a cold. Both share similar symptoms like Sneezing, Coughing, Nose leak, and fatigue. Even though consulting the Doctor is very important for your condition, these signs will help you recognize your condition better.

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  • Allergy Symptoms Allergy Symptoms

    Symptoms of allergy vary depending on the way you are exposed to the allergen, and they can appear in the eyes, nose, and lungs when inhaled, or the mouth, stomach & intestines when consumed.

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