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Your baby at weeks 13-27

How big is my baby right now?

Congratulations, you’re now in your second trimester and hopefully you’re starting to enjoy your pregnancy. But what about your baby? 


Weeks 13-16

At around 7.4 cm long head to rump and weighing about 23g, your baby is getting bigger and heavier each week – and you’ll certainly know about it as you start to see your bump grow and your clothes begin to feel tighter. All the fingers and toes will now be clearly defined, as well as facial features like eyelashes, eyebrows, eyelids and even hair.  

Did you know? At around 14 weeks your baby can suck its thumb, yawn and stretch.


Weeks 17-20

By the end of week 20 your baby will have grown to about 25cm head to heel and weigh around 300g. Your little one’s hearing will be well established, try talking to your bump so that they can get used to the sound of your voice. Some mums put headphones over their tummies to play soothing music to their baby – why not give it a try? It could even help you to relax too.

It’s now time for your baby’s second screen appearance. During the scan the doctors will be busy checking everything is ok, so you’ll have plenty of time to see and hear your little one. There will be a whole lot more going on this time around – you’ll hear the amazing rhythm of your baby’s heartbeat and, if you want to find out, the scan can also reveal if you should be painting the nursery blue or pink.

Did you know? Your baby can now hiccup and you’ll soon get to recognise the strange feeling when they do – your whole tummy will do a flip.


Weeks 21-27

Congratulations! At 21 weeks you’ve hit the halfway point of your pregnancy and finally your baby is starting to look like a mini-person. By 27 weeks, your little one will weigh around 875g and measure about 36cm. The skin has turned reddish in colour and your baby’s eyelids will start to open. Another exciting milestone is that you should start to feel your baby move – a bit like butterflies in your tummy at first, as the weeks progress these will turn into stronger, more noticeable kicks as your baby rolls and moves inside you. It will feel odd to begin with – a bit like your baby is dancing inside you or playing a game of football – but these movements are a sure sign that your baby is well. If you feel a reduction in the movements make sure you tell your midwife immediately.


Did you know? You might notice your baby’s movements slow down when you’re walking about – that’s because the motion has rocked them to sleep. And frustratingly when you’re trying to rest, that’s when your baby is likely to be more active – get ready for some sleepless nights!