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Your baby at weeks 28-40 weeks

How big is my baby right now?

With the end in site, you don’t have long to go until you meet your baby. But until then, you might want to know what they’re getting up to


Weeks 28-31

Your bump is going to be pretty hard to hide by now, with your baby weighing around 3lbs by week 31. As your baby continues to grow, they will be taking up more and more of your womb, leaving you feeling a bit uncomfortable and tired. The next time you see your midwife or doctor, ask if you can listen to your baby’s heartbeat – it’s so strong by this point you should be able to hear it through a stethoscope and your husband might even be able to hear it by pressing his ear to your bump. Although your baby looks perfectly formed there’s still lots going on, with the brain continuing to develop, eyesight getting better and more focused and the lungs maturing.


Did you know? All the nutrients from the food you eat are being passed to your baby – not much is left for you.


Weeks 32-35

At around 5.5lbs your baby is getting ready to arrive. During these last few weeks they will be practicing things like swallowing, breathing, sucking and kicking. You’re probably getting used to feeling a knee, foot, elbow or even bottom as your little one tries to move around, and it can be fun to try and guess what body part is protruding from your tummy. If you think these movements feel a bit sharper, it could be because your baby’s bones are continuing to harden too, except for the skull which stays soft so your baby’s head can be born safely. Your baby may also become engaged as it starts to move down into your pelvis ready for the final push.


Did you know? While your baby snoozes in the womb it can even have dreams at this stage.


Weeks 36-40

You’ve made it to your last few weeks! Even though their time in your tummy is nearly up, your little one will still be putting on weight until they’re born and will be gaining body fat at around 1-2lbs a week. If they haven’t already, your baby will have moved further down your pelvis and will have shed any remaining downy hair that once covered their body. At 37 weeks, your baby is considered full term and is now fully formed, although most babies tend to stay put until they’re closer to 40 weeks. It’s now all systems go and the only thing left is for your little one to finally say, hello.


Did you know? Your baby will have been swallowing amniotic fluid, mucus and bile, which will form its first dirty diaper and will be black and sticky!

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