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Your Weight Management Guide

Your Weight Management Guide

The best thing that tells you that you are overweight is your own body! If you have any of the below symptoms, then probably you are overweight. It is recommended to see a professional, such as your local doctor or a dietician to confirm.

  • You feel lethargic throughout the day.

  • You can’t do any physical activity for a long time duration.

  • Suffering from a lot of digestive issues, such as heartburn or constipation.

What foods should I avoid eating?

If you consume a lot of fatty and sugary food, then you might get overweight. Avoid the following:

  • Fatty meats.

  • Oily and buttery food.

  • Sugary sweets and desserts.

  • Foods with a high calorie count.

  • Fried foods, especially deep fried foods.

  • Cheese and high – fat dairy products.

Most of the foods have their fat content on their label, try to choose wisely.



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