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Brica - Deluxe Snack Pod

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Product Description:

You are on a stroll with your little munchkin and suddenly he's cranky. Obvious reasons hunger, and thirst. Your stroller does not provide you with a snack tray and you are carrying a piece of separate baggage to handle those hunger pangs of your kid. So, you need to stop, feed and clean and oops, time runs out! Therefore, Brica thoughtfully created a smart solution to make lives simpler for moms and kids, the Brica - Deluxe Snack Pod. The deluxe snack pod comes with a versatile Quick Attach Clamp with a secure grip that attaches to strollers, car seats, and just anything else that you can think of. Place the drinks and snacks and you are good to go with your happy kid without any spills, cleaning, and tantrums.

  • Contents:

    Deluxe snack pod comes with both a snack cup and drink holder for snacks and drinks on the go. You can remove the snack cup and place two drinks as well

  • Dimensions:

    The product is carefully designed to fit well without obstruction while moving through the doorways with a height of

    9.5 inches, a width of 3.5 inches, and a weight of 0.7 lbs

  • Easily removable tray:

    Tray can easily be removed for cleaning

  • Quick-attach clamp:

    The multi-versatile clamp allows Brica - Deluxe Snack Pod to be fixed in strollers, rails, tubes, and seats. No assembling required. Just clamp and use

  • Drink holder:

    The drink holder is self-adjusting which allows you to keep different sized drinks safely

  • Snack Catcher: The snack

    catcher is easy to use and the lid is designed to prevent any spills

  • Dishwasher safe:

    The product can be easily removed and placed on top rack in a dishwasher for cleaning

  • Safe to use


    Your safety is our first priority. This product is free of harmful Bisphenol A and phthalates

How to use:

  • Simply secure the Quick Attach Clamp in the arm of the stroller, car seat, shopping cart, etc.

  • In order to secure it, turn the green knob to the left to loosen the arms, then place it on the item that you will be attaching it to and push

  • Now turn the green knob to the right to tighten

  • Once tightly secured, place the tray onto it

  • Now add the snacks into the snack holder and secure the lid

  • Place in the tray. Then, place the drink in the self-adjustable drink holder

  • After use, remove the tray and snack box

  • Pop them in the top rack of a dishwasher and it's ready for next use

Caution & Warnings:

  • Clean the tray and snack holder after each use

  • Do not place the snack holder and tray near heat or in the microwave

  • Ensure the clamp is tightly secured in order to prevent any spillage

  • Do not use the product if it is damaged

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  • Manufacturer: Brica
  • Product form: Stroller Organizer
  • Color: Black