Brica - Stroller Organizer Plus

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Product description:

  • Carrying a backpack with all the essentials for your baby while taking a walk in the park not only gets messy but is also exhausting.
  • A stroller organizer is a must-have for every parent.
  • Brica - stroller organizer plus has plenty of storage area to keep all your essentials handy and ready to conquer the day ahead.
  • All of brica’s products give you clever solutions to manage your family’s day with less hassle and fewer headaches.
  • The organizer can be fixed to your kid’s stroller and can also be converted to a handy tote bag to keep all your essentials with you.
  • Say goodbye to your bulky bag to carry around all the essential things for your kid!
  • This organizer is durable and water-resistant
  • It is compatible with all kinds of strollers and even folds up with most strollers.
  • This organizer is versatile and can be used as a ready to roll tote bag
  • It includes a deluxe custom wipes case that can be refilled with regular wipes to clean any mess quickly and easily
  • Plenty of storage.
  • Just in case you are in need of more storage area, the bag also has another fold-down storage unit in the back pockets.
  • When not in use, simply fold it back into the pockets.
  • It also has a transparent, touch-sensitive phone pocket that fits most smartphones
  • It has two deep insulated cup holders that help to prevent spills and to keep drinks warm or cold suiting your needs
  • The big compartment in between can be used for valuables while the versatile internal dividers adjust the size and number of compartments to cater for your essentials
  • You no longer have to worry about the organizer falling off or sliding down with the adjustable safety belts that can be winded on to the handlebar of the strollers

How to use:

  • Select all the essentials that you wish to carry with the organizer .
  • Adjust the internal dividers accordingly and place each of the items into the organizer carefully
  • If required take out the extra storage unit for your baby’s clothes
  • The bag is versatile and can be fixed to the stroller’s handlebar and also be used as a handy tote bag, whichever is more convenient
  • To fix it to the handlebar, gently place it onto the handlebar and adjust the straps to fix the organizer firmly to prevent sliding down
  • If you wish to use it as a tote bag, adjust the strap size to your requirement and place it on your shoulder
  • Place any drinks you wish to carry in the two insulated deep pockets itself, as those pockets are specially designed to prevent spills as well as keep it warm/cold

Caution & warnings:

  • Do not place items that are very heavy in the stroller organizer.
  • Excessive weight may cause the stroller to topple.
  • Do not use this organizer bag with a stroller that weighs less than 8.
  • 8lbs (4kgs)
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  • Manufacturer: Brica
  • Product form: Stroller Organizer
  • Color: Black
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