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Canesten Cream antimycotic for fungal infections, 20 g

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Product Description

  • Canesten Anti-Fungal cream is an anti-fungal cream which stops the growth and spread of bacteria and fungal cells that infect the skin. Formulated with 1% Clotrimazole| this medicated cream is used to treat a variety of skin infections such as Athlete’s Foot| Jock Itch| and Intertrigo.
  • Unless otherwise prescribed| apply a thin layer of Canesten Anti-Fungal cream to the affected areas 2 to 3 times per day and rub in gently
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  • For fungal infections of the skin 3 to 4 weeks of treatment is usually sufficient. In the case of Athlete’s Foot| treatment with Athlete’s Food cream treatment should be continued for approximately 2 weeks after signs of infection have disappeared in order to prevent recurrences

What is Canesten?

Canesten Antifungal Foot Cream contains the active ingredient clotrimazole| which stops the growth and spread of fungal cells that infect the skin and lead to superficial fungal diseases. It also acts against certain bacteria on the skin.

What is Athlete's Foot?

Athlete's foot is the common term fora skin infection caused by fungi that thrive in warm| damp environments like feet. This infection can easily spread in damp areas like communal showers| locker rooms| and gyms. Athlete's foot usually occurs between your toes| but it can also affect the bottoms of your feet.

Athlete's Foot Prevention

To avoid Athlete's Foot you should wear flip-flops or sandals in public changing rooms| and showers| shoes made of natural| breathable materials| and tryto keep your feet dry.

How to Use Canesten

Unless otherwise prescribed| apply Canesten Cream thinly over the affected areas 2-3 times per day and gently rub in the cream. Treatment duration may vary depending on the extent and location of the affected areas| but for fungal infections| a 3-4 week treatment course is usually sufficient. Canesten Cream not be used on children under 2 years old unless prescribed by a doctor.

Features and benefits

  • Canesten Anti-fungal cream has the active ingredient Clotrimazole
  • Medicated cream that can be used to treat Athlete’s Foot| Jock Itch| and Intertrigo
  • Apply Canesten cream anti-fungal medication thinly to the affected area 2 to 3 times per day and rub in gently
  • For successful treatment| it is important to use Canesten Anti-Fungal cream reliably and for a sufficient period
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  • Manufacturer: Canesten
  • Product form: Cream
  • Ingredients: Clotrimazole