Combination Skin & Its Suitable Products

This type of skin is named after combination skin due to the fact that combines two types of skin at the same time. Thus, while the skin seems to be oily in the areas of the forehead and the nose, it is more likely to be dry on the sides of the face. The greasy area takes the shape of the letter T and it is more subject to developing pimples and blackheads than other dry areas of the skin.

combination skin care

To identify wither your type of skin is the combination skin or not you may conduct a simple test by the use of a cotton tissue. If the tissue shows oily spots after wiping the nose and forehead area and did not show any from the cheeks and around the eye areas it means you have a combination skin type which is the most common type of skin amongst women and young girls. This also means you have to deal with two types of skin and therefore, you need to take extra care and be more precise when applying different products that suit different types of skin. The following tips can help you take a better care of your combination skin:

skin care products

  • Select two different types of skincare products one for greasy skin and the other for dry skin. 
  • Use a gentle cleanser designed for combination skin. Apply a light protective mask in the morning after washing your face. 
  • Avoid using makeup as much as possible especially on the dry areas and limit its use for special occasions only and for a short period then remove it quickly to prevent prolonging its unnecessary harmful effect. 
  • Use a light exfoliating cream to remove dead skin cells and reveal the new lively skin cells one to two times a week. Most girls who have this type of skin feel the glow and vitality coming back to their skins after finishing with light exfoliating sessions.

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