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Corega Cream Super 40 gm

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Product Description:

Is your denture troubling you? If so, using a good-quality denture fixation cream can help make things better for you. Opt for the Corega Cream Super that provides a long-lasting and strong fixation solution. It is specially developed to give a comfortable and secure hold to the denture. Our mouth already has natural moisture, which when combined with Corega Cream creates an elastic-like membrane. This helps in providing an excellent grip to the denture and sealing it, thus enabling you to eat and bite into the food without worrying about the denture feeling loose or shifting from its place. You will feel more confident and can enjoy eating naturally. This cream helps in keeping the dentures firmly in its place. It is important to ensure the denture is squeaky clean and dry before applying this cream. A q-tip can be used to apply this cream so that it is not over or underused but covers the denture properly for a good fix.


1. Strong and lasting fixation - This cream gives a strong and robust fixation to the denture. Once applied, the denture is firmly at its place ensuring the utmost comfort of the user. 

2. A barrier between gums and denture - This Corega Cream Super creates a thin film between the gums and the denture providing the perfect barrier.

3. Prevents the penetration of food particles - The cream also helps in preventing the penetration of food particles in the denture, keeping it clean.

4. Neutral in taste - This cream is completely neutral in taste so that you don’t find any peculiar taste swirling in your mouth. You won’t feel pukish or uneasy nauseous sensation after application. It also won’t affect the taste of the food being consumed.

5. Gives a perfect hold - Once the cream is applied and the denture is put into the mouth, press your jaws tight so that the denture gets fixed firmly and does not budge from its place.  

6. Easy to remove - Rinse your mouth with clean water to remove cream from the gums.

How to use:

Clean your artificial denture and let it dry.

Apply the cream in small strips.

Wash and rinse your mouth before putting the denture into the mouth.

Hold the denture firmly in the mouth.

Press your teeth and bite tightly for a good fix.

Caution & Warnings:

Do not apply the cream on a wet denture.

Clean it thoroughly before applying the cream on it.

Do not be in a hurry to keep the denture in the mouth and allow some time to the cream to provide a good fix.

Do not avoid washing your denture thoroughly using a brush as it may lead to infection.


Calcium/Sodium PVM/MA Copolymer, Cellulose Gum, Petrolatum, Paraffinum Liquidum.

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