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Corega Cream Ultra 40 gm

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Product Description:

Corega Cream Ultra is a one-stop solution for all your denture adhesive needs. This uniquely designed cream can hold your dentures for up to 24 hours. It creates a strong bond with your gums without irritating them, thus no more slipping or sliding dentures and no more embarrassing experiences in public! Corega Cream Ultra is made with zinc-free formula and is a perfect solution for people with sensitive gums. With Corega Cream Ultra, you can drink and eat in public with comfort and laugh, talk and smile with confidence without worrying about your dentures falling off!

Corega Cream Ultra is a strong cream, that comfortably holds dentures in place for a whole day

Its revolutionary formula does not damage or hurt your gums and works like a charm even on your upper dentures

Made with zinc-free formula, Corega Cream Ultra does not itch, irritate, or sting and is easy on the gums, even the sensitive ones

Corega Cream Ultra does not change the taste of your food and you won’t need any reapplications after eating or drinking

For every application, you will need a small amount of the denture cream because with Corega, little goes a long way

This ultra-strong cream prevents the dentures from rubbing against gums

With Corega Cream Ultra, you will never experience any slipping, sliding, or embarrassing moments

How to use:

To put the dentures on:
Clean and dry your dentures
Rinse your mouth, remove extra water from your mouth before you put your dentures in your mouth
Apply Corega Cream Ultra in thin strips on the top of the dentures. Do not put the cream too close to the edge
Put the dentures on your gums, hold them firmly in place, close your mouth shut, and press the jaws against each other for a few seconds. This will make sure that the dentures are correctly placed
To remove the dentures:
Rinse your mouth with water
Slowly move the dentures in a circular motion and take them out
Clean the residual Corega Cream Ultra from the dentures
Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and warm water to clean any residual cream from your gums and mouth
Use Corega dental cleansing tablets or Corega mouthwash, along with water to clean and disinfect your mouth

Caution & Warnings:

Keep out of reach of children and pets
Should be used as a denture fixative cream only. Do not use it for any other gluing purposes
Not recommended for loose teeth
Handle with care, this denture adhesive is very strong
Do not use more than the suggested amount
Do not use this cream more than once a day


Sodium-calcium mixed partial salt, Poly(methylvinglether/maleic acid) petrolatum, mineral flavor, cellulose gum, paraffinum liquidum, aroma, CI 73360, CI 15850

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  • Manufacturer: Corega
  • Product form: Adhesive Cream
  • Special features: Ultra Hold