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First Step

First Step Cohesive Bandage 5 cm

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Product Description:

Cohesive bandage can be applied to offer a range of support levels for injured joints depending on the amount of tension in the bandage, and the number of layers that you apply. First Step has come up with best in quality Cohesive bandages to provide better care at your home. The easy to use and portable in size bandages are essential for every home. You can use it regardless of the place. It has great flexibility providing better coverage. Cohesive bandage could be used to lightly wrap and support a minor finger injury applying very little stretch, or alternatively, it can be stretched tightly to provide heavy compression to a bleeding wound. You can reuse it, there is no such limit to dispose of it after one use.

● Cohesive bandages can be torn both length and width

● Stays put until it is removed

● If you make a mistake during application you can just unpeel it and start again

● It does not stick to the skin

● The size is 5 cm, suitable for a small area (Fingers toes, etc.)

● Most useful strapping tapes for sport

● Cohesive bandage offers a range of support levels

● It can be reapplied and reused over time

● It contains no adhesive, it will not inflict any damage to the skin or hair

● Cohesive bandage stretches a lot – up to double its length.

How to use:

● Start by wrapping around the injured body part a couple of times.

● Then continue in a figure-of-eight pattern around both with the cross-over at the front injured body part.

● Check for the blood circulation after wrapping it and it should not feel too tight.

● Seal the bandage.

● If you want to remove it then simply unwrap it the opposite way.

● Make sure to roll it and store safely for reuse.

Caution & Warnings:

● For external use only

● To be kept out of reach of children

● Keep it safe in a box

● Store it in a cool and dry place

● Wrap it neatly after use

● For medical emergencies seek professional help

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