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First Step

First Step Plaster Cool Patches Children

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Product Description:

The plaster cool patches by First Step is an essential product. The product helps in providing a remedy to fever and headache in children. It can also be used normally for relaxing experiences. The patches are drug-free and safe for children. It can help tone down toothache, muscle cramps or could be simply used as an eye gel patch. The product is easy to apply and dispose of. You can apply it anywhere, it is portable. It comes with a non-greasy formula leaving your skin normal after application. The highlight of the product is that it does need proper refrigeration, the patches can be simply stored anywhere. It provides instant cooling and provides soothing relief. The product is long-lasting, once applied it can last for hours effectively.

It provides instant cooling after application of the patch.

It helps in providing soothing relief from the minute of application.

Once applied, the patches have effective durability for hours.

The product is drug-free and hence completely safe to use.

The size of the patch is 4cmx12cm, suitable majorly for children

It comes in a 4 piece cost-effective set.

The patches provide pain relief, fever and can be used normally.

The product is easy to apply making it absolutely convenient for use

Easy to carry around, it is portable

Each cooling patch stays comfortably in all places and is not messy or greasy.

It needs no refrigeration and can be stored normally.

Easy to use anywhere and anytime

How to use:

Open the pack

Take patch stripes out and carefully pull out the cover

Apply the patch at the desired place

Wait for it to provide relief

Pull it out slowly and dispose of the patch after use

Caution & Warnings:

Do not use it as a substitute for medication

Not for ingestion

The patches are not reusable

Dispose of properly and neatly

For external use only

To be kept out of reach of children

Avoid keeping heavy objects on the product surface

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  • Manufacturer: First Step
  • Product form: Cooling Patches