Forcenrgy Performance 10 Drinkable Vials

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Product Description:

Forcenrgy Performance 10 Drinkable Vials that comes in a 10 ml pack is an effective food supplement that helps to burn fat. Manufactured by the Forcenrgy group, these Drinkable Ampules have been manufactured in Spain and come in a tasty lemon flavor. The supplement helps to burn your energy and those who take the supplement judiciously can bid goodbye to fat. The supplement also offers many health benefits and increases immunity too. The supplement is recommended for nutritionists and athletes who are into strenuous exercises.

The product helps you to burn fat

It is a food supplement perfect for athletes and those who wish to take some nutrition supplements

It is a high performing supplement that comes in a lemon taste

The supplement is meant for the adults and contains the exclusive Lyophilized Royal Jelly of 1000 mg and the L Carnitine of 1000 mg which are the active ingredients in the supplement

The supplement goes through the process of Lyophilization of the Royal Jelly where water that forms around 60% part of the jelly is removed

The Lyophilized Royal Jelly is the only active ingredient present in the supplement and it is without water

The 1000 mg of the Lyophilized Royal Jelly in the supplement is equal to a quantity of 3000 mg of fresh Royal Jelly

There is 10 number of drinkable vials each of 10ml in the box

The supplement helps to boost the performance of the athlete and is perfect for those who are into a marathon or physical training

The supplement helps to burn weight because of the L Carnitine present in it that enhances fat burning

The supplement is perfect for the athlete who is into ultra-endurance training like ironman and triathlon

It also helps to support the male libido, desire, and strength

The supplement boosts vitality, energy, and strengthens the body

The product improves the circulation of blood and also helps to improve your immunity.

The supplement has anti-oxidant properties

It enhances the mental mood of the person and also improves the level of attention

The powerful antioxidant improves the quality of the skin and also offers hair nourishment

The supplement enhances the formulation of collagen that offers anti-aging properties

How to use:

To get the maximum benefits 1 vial should be consumed daily

It is best if the supplement is taken before breakfast

Caution & Warnings:

The food supplement is not meant to be consumed by pregnant women

Lactating women should not consume the food supplement

Neonates and those who are hypersensitive to the pollen grains should avoid taking this supplement

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  • Manufacturer: Forcenrgy
  • Product form: Drinkable Ampoules
  • Ingredients: L-Carnitine, Royal Jelly
  • Product function: Tonic, Men's Health, Sexual Health