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Alfoshan Aluminum Walking Cane FS910

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Product Description:

Aluminium walking stick

How to use:

Hold the cane in the hand on your ""good"" side so that it provides support to the opposite lower limb.

Take a step with the ""bad"" leg and bring the cane forward at the same time. Move the cane and affected leg forward together.

Lean your weight through the arm holding the cane as needed. Always have the bad leg assume the first full weight-bearing step on level surfaces.

The cane should be moved the distance of one average step forward with each move. You should not feel that you are stretching to catch up to the cane or stepping ahead of it.

If you are using the cane for general mobility rather than an injury, hold the cane using your dominant hand and bear weight on this side of your body. If you are working with a physical therapist due to an injury, he or she may have a specific cane-walking plan different from this one.

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  • Manufacturer: Alfoshan
  • Product form: Aluminium Stick