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Frida Baby

Frida Baby - Baby Basics Kit

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Product Description:

Whether you have got a baby at home or a baby shower on the schedule, the Baby Basics Kit is the bringing-up-baby must-have. Bust stubborn boogers, free trapped farts, cut those claws, and kick cradle cap to the curb all with the ingenious tools inside! Basically, the Baby Basics Kit has everything a parent needs to keep baby healthy + clean from head to toes.

Caution & Warnings:

Adult supervision required.

How to use:


1. Massage belly gently downward towards rectum.

2. Lubricate Windi Tip. We suggest coconut oil, but any lubricant works.

3.Lift legs and have a diaper ready…trust us, it could get messy.

4. Gently insert Windi and listen for the gas to pass (it will sound like a whistle) within a few seconds.

5. Discard Windi.

Nail Clipper

1. Place baby's fingernail between curved clipper blades starting at the end where blades overlap.

2. While clipping follow curvature of baby's nail, like a scissor.

3. Use safety spy hole to see where you're clipping + avoid nicking fingertips.

4. After clipping, use the S-Curved File to smooth any rough edges.

Nose Frida

1. Disposable Hygiene filters should be in place to prevent mucus or bacterial transfer.

2. Place large tube against child's nostril (not inside), creating a seal.

3. Use red mouthpiece to suck the snot out.

4. After SnotSucking Session, dispose of filter.

5. Wash large tube with warm soap and water. Clean thin tube with a few drops of rubbing alcohol.

6. Firmly snap dry pieces together, inserting a new filter for the next use.


1. For General use + dry skin or cradle cap, apply cleanser at bath time.

2. Brush in a circular motion from head to toe.

3. Rinse + Clean.

4. Suction to sink or store inside case.

5. For eczema: Apply lotion after bath time.

6. Brush in a circular motion to gently massage lotion into skin.

7. Rinse + Clean.

8. Suction to sink or store inside case.


Nose Frida nasal aspirator and four disposable hygiene filters. Nail Frida, nail clipper s-curved file, five Windi baby gas relief single use-tubes, one silicone baby bath Brush for eczema and cradle cap and a rounded silicone carry case with zip-close and a wristlet handle

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  • Manufacturer: Frida Baby
  • Product form: Full Grooming Kit
  • Color: Multicolors