Galénic Pur Cleansing Foam-Cream Makeup Remover 150 ml

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Product description:

  • Galénic Pur Mousse-Cream is a cleansing mousse-cream used to remove impurities and make-up from the face.
  • Its effectiveness and softness are achieved with micellar microstructures, which transport the cleansing ingredients to the impurities on the skin.
  • Sebum and make-up get imprisoned in the center of the micelles, while the Melilotus Floral Water gently cleanses and reduces skin irritations.
  • This mousse transforms into an airy cream on the wet skin, leaving it slightly fragranced, fresh and smooth.

Removes makeup

without irritation

Hydrates your face

without greasy residue

Clinically Tested

All skin types

Safe Formula


Product Features:

All Skin Type


No Comedones

Paraben Free

Clinically Tested

Product Benefits:

how to use
  • Galénic Pur Cream-Mousse is a gentle foaming cleanser and make-up remover which works to eliminate impuritiesand remove traces of make-up.
  • With the first application, this cream-mousse removes make-up effectively. Then, once massaged into the skin, it works to deeply cleanse skin, removing impurities and toxins. After rinsing, your face will feel fresh, smooth and regenerated.&nbsp.
  • Enriched with sweet clover floral water, which tones and oxygenates the skin, working to unblock pores, letting your skin breathe. Refreshed, your complexion will be left smooth and even.

How to use:

  • Damp your face with water
  • Take 2-3 pumps on your palms and mix it well
  • Now gently massage onto your eyes, face, and neck
  • Rinse it off with water
  • Then pat dry or take a soft towel gently tab on to your face
  • Now apply your favorite moisturizer

How to use

first step in your skin care routine
Use morning and evening



  • Melilotus Floral Water eliminates the toxins and reduces skin irritations.
  • Mild Cleansing Surfactants cleans the skin without harming it.
  • Comforting and hydrating agents.

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  • Manufacturer: Galenic
  • Product form: Foam-Cream