Gamar Cotton Buds 300 pcs

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Product Description:

There can be no compromises when it comes to taking care of tender babies hence one has to choose their grooming products very carefully. Gamar is one such pioneering brand in baby products that specializes in creating products for tiny babies that are safe and entrusted. The safe ingredients in their products are suitable for a very small baby as it is highly hygienic and soft. Gamar cotton buds are gentle on baby’s ears and you can safely reach areas that are hard to reach, with these buds. Apart from gently cleaning the baby’s ears, these buds could also be used by adults for many purposes. They have been proven clinically to be safe for children.

The buds are designed expertly to reach and clean in between baby’s fingers, toes, and other such small creases

The tips are made of 100% cotton and have a great absorbent capacity

These buds are ultra-soft and gentle for proper care of the baby’s tender skin. They can even be used to clean areas around the eyes and nose.

The sticks are made of 100% paper

These buds can also be used by grown-ups for many needs like applying and removing makeup, cleaning ears, etc

They have been proved clinically to be safe for infants

They are double-ended and convenient to use

These cotton ear buds have been sterilized so that they are free of germs and bacteria which is a necessary when dealing with small kids

The tips are tightly formed and stay like that while using. They would not fluff out or its strands will not fall out, keeping your cleaning experience free of mess and risk

One pack contains 300 cotton buds

These sticks are firm and render a good grip, so one can also use them for other purposes like arts and crafts, cleaning laptop keyboard, etc

They do not bend or break easily

You can use them to apply creams to blemishes

The length of the buds is apt for reaching difficult parts of the skin.

Gamar products are made after thorough research and comply with the high standards of Saudi food and drug authority. They have crafted the products after field study to gather quantitative and qualitative data from a targeted sample audience. The field study has been conducted across various studies along with the global research company “Millward Brown”. They maintain the highest standards in manufacturing and production

How to use:

You can use the buds for various purposes

Clean area around the baby’s eyes, inside nose, inner and outer ear

Cleaning baby’s toes, fingers, and other creases

Applying or removing make-up

Caution & Warnings:

Do not insert the buds into inner ears, improper use may cause injury

Do not insert the buds into the nose

It is meant for external use only

Keep the entire packaging out of reach of children

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  • Manufacturer: Gamar