Gillette Razor Venus Riviera Disposable 2 pcs

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Product Description:

  • Gillette Venus Riviera women's disposable razor combines a fresh-scented, non-slip handle and 3 blades surrounded by soft protective cushions for less nicks and cuts 
  • Additionally, the blades are mounted on a pivoting head to easily fit hard-to-reach areas 
  • Venus Riviera disposable razor also features a Moisture Rich strip with aloe for great glide on skin and a close shave in just one stroke 
  • Gillette Venus Riviera Razor offers closer shave comfort, thanks to their skin protective micro-fine and comfortable anti-slip handle 
  • Close shave with more comfort 
  • Easy-glide Moisture Rich strip 
  • Comfort anti-slip handle 
  • Smooth shave with passionflower scent 
  • Pivoting rounded head to fit easily into hard to shave areas 
  • With a touch of aloe 
  • Act as a gliding shield on the skin 
  • Leave nothing but a clean feeling 
  • Disposable razor with 3 blades surrounded by soft protective cushions to guard against nicks and cuts 
  • How to use:

These are the tips that can help you use the razor:

1- Preparing your face :

  • You start the prep by washing your face with hot water or by taking a hot shower 
  • It hydrates your facial hair and lets your razor glide through your face effortlessly.
  • Choose your shaving foam or gel properly provides you with an incredibly smooth shave 
  • The ingredients help you combat with the skin irritation during shaving.

2- Trim :

  • Make sure you are trimming up your hair to a manageable length before shaving it out with a razor 
  • Disposable razors get clogged with hair, post which it cannot shave it right, and you end up putting too much pressure during the strokes 
  • Therefore, keep it short enough for the razor to manage it right.

3- Shaving Direction :

  • Running with the hair growth direction, this is the perfect tip to reduce allergic reactions, redness and inflammation.
  • Also, it helps the razor to cut through the facial hairs easily.

4- Aftershave :

  • Using a good quality aftershave is a great way to tackle post-shaving skin irritations 
  • An aftershave splash provides the moisturization to your skin that shaving might have taken away.

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  • Manufacturer: Venus
  • Product form: Razors