Hair Care Routine

Women hair is regarded as the beautiful crown that is placed on her head to grant her charm and magical attractiveness. However, due to certain wrong practices that women often do prior, during and after a shower can seriously affect the hair by causing damage, hair loss, dandruff and some other diseases that can exhaust it. Here are some useful tips to help you take care of your beauty crown to keep it fresh and healthy.

Taking care of your hair prior to showering:

The first step you need to apply prior to showering is to brush it thoroughly in order to carefully detangle it. Delaying this step till after it becomes wet is risky as wet hair is weaker and prone to breakage and loss. Contrary to this brushing your hair when it is still dry increases scalp’s blood circulation and aid distributing its natural oils evenly which provides protection from any harsh ingredients found in shampoos.

Here are some pieces of advice for the perfect hair care routine:

·        Leaning forward while washing your hair. This would refresh increase blood circulation in your scalp. Dilute the shampoo with warm water first then apply it to your hair.

·        At the beginning of the washing process, it is preferred to use lukewarm water.
End your shower by rinsing your hair with cold water. Rinse your hair thoroughly and make sure all shampoo, conditioner remaining have been entirely removed.
Apply conditioner to the ends of your hair, not to the roots.

·        Keep your hair wrapped with a towel for a long time and avoid brushing it soon after showering.

·        Wrap your hair with a silky cloth to dry it out instead of using the hair dryer. This is a much healthier method for drying the hair. Refrain from using harmful chemicals and use natural ingredients such as natural oils and Aloe Vera.

·        Make a habit to trim 1cm of your hair once every two months.

·        Do not use a metallic comb use a plastic one instead.

·        Apply an oil bath to your hair regularly by massaging your scalp with natural oils.

·        Do not use hair rollers with metallic pins or plastic pins as they cause damages and cuts to hair strands.