How to lose weight without losing your hair

How to lose weight without losing your hair?

Many people attempt to lose weight by following various weight loss programes yet some of them endanger their health when they commit the mistake of desperately trying to lose significant weight in a short span of time. So they follow harsh diet system closer to a starvation affecting the health of the entire body.

The reason behind the hair loss problem may be due to deficiencies in vitamins, hormones and essential elements which is more likely to happen when following extreme diet system for the purpose of losing weight quickly. What is the extreme diet system? Strict or harsh diet system is a practice whereby many types of food believed to be the reason for gaining weight is avoided. In addition to this, extreme reduction in food consumption is made during the main meals’ courses, some times to the extent of staying hungry most of the time.

Avoid extreme diet systems: Nutrition experts warn against following extreme diets for the purpose of losing weight in relatively very short time which may lead to deficiencies in zinc, omega 3 and vitamin A causing the hair to fall. Such extreme diet systems if not done under medical supervision would cause many diseases and in some cases would lead to a health collapse. Losing weight quickly by following extreme diet system usually last only for a temporary period. The body will start to regain its previous weight as soon as the diet is stopped and in many cases the body would reach a new record weight exceeding the previous one. Some may supplement the deficiencies in vitamins and essential elements by taking food supplements which is not suffecient in the case of extreme diet. There are many other essential nutrients the body needs not included in food supplements such as proteins and other important elements. Food supplements are usually made of natural extracts of vitamins and some elements with other components that kill hunger and give the feeling of appetite loss. Healthy weight loss takes a long time:

Natural and healthy diet system for weight loss should be a slow process. It should take its time to be stable at every stage and to make the body get used to the new weight gradually. This require a complete change in the diet system and the daily routine. The diet must be balanced and more based on vegetables in addition to taking quality food supplements and exercising. Therefore, in all cases one should avoid extreme diet programmes and replace it with effective natural and healthy systems. Care must be taken to follow balanced diet systems that include all the essential nutrients for your body and your hair. Thus, make sure that your diet system contain the following important healthy food: Salmon, Cicla leaves, Spinach, Beans and Legumes, Poultry, whole grain, Nuts, Eggs, Oyster, Low fat dairy products and carrots.

Together with quality food supplements and regular exercising. Getting used to a healthy lifestyle would revitalise your body and your hair which is considered to be a true reflection to your inner health. So follow a healthy diet to make your hair look healthy and shiny again.