Infant Safety Tips

Your infant needs special care and caution while handling it. Here are a few simple tips for its safety.

Please note that this loose guide will not deal with serious injuries, help should be sought from specific, reliable authorities for these situations.

Infant skin is super sensitive and needs special care:

  1. Use wipes, ointments and skin care products, which are specially formulated for infants.
  2. Use Soft Blankets and clothes Make sure that they are non-abrasive to avoid irritation.

Follow the right way to carry your infant:

  1. When picking up an infant always support the head and neck to keep it in an upright position.
  2. Avoid putting excess pressure on the chest, keep the back, legs and arms straight, with a plenty of space and freedom to move.
  3. While putting the infant down, start with the head while keeping your hand under the neck, then slide your hand slowly towards the lower back until the whole body is placed.

What to do if your infant gets injured?

  1. Stay calm and act fast. Shout for help if required or get in touch with the emergency services as fast as possible.
  2. If your infant is crying, this is actually a good sign! Remember that it shows that the infant is conscious and breathing.
  3. An infant feels the emotions of its mother and her panic. Try to carry your infant normally, as this will limit the discomfort and give it a feeling of safety. Try to get help without leaving the infant unattended.