Jasper Medical Elastic Stock Above Knee M Open

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Product Description:

Compression stockings are used to support the venous and lymphatic systems of the leg. They offer graduated compression where maximum compression is achieved at the ankle and decreases as you move up the leg.
Above Knee.

How to use:

  1. Hand wash new stockings after you buy them. It will make them more flexible and easier to put on.
  2. Consider buying a second pair, if you can afford it. That way, you'll have a clean pair to wear while you wash the other.
  3. Put a dressing on any open wound before putting on the compression stockings.
  4. Keep your stockings by your bed, so you can put them on when you first get up.
  5. Do it early in the morning, when you have the least swelling in your legs.
  6. Sit in a chair with a back. This gives you something to lean against as you put on the stockings.
  7. Hold the top of the stocking with one hand. Then with your other hand, reach inside the stocking and push your arm all the way in until you reach the end and can grab the toe.
  8. When you have a firm grip on the toe, pull your hand back up through the stocking, turning it inside out, but leaving the tips of your fingers in the toe of the stocking.
  9. Put your toes into the toe of the stocking, and gently roll and slide it back over your heel. Then use your finger tips or palms to slowly roll and slide the stocking all the way up your leg.
  10. Be careful not to grab and pull at the top of the stocking, because that can cause it to rip or tear.

Warning and cautions:

Please consult your doctor to use the suitable compression degree specially for diabetic patients.

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  • Manufacturer: Jasper
  • Product form: Elastic Socks
  • Size: Medium