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Just-For-Men Hair Color Real Black 2174

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Product Description

Shampoo-in hair color
Grey target technology
Just for men targets only the grey hair. Replaces it with subtle tones that match your natural hair color.
Easy as shampooing
Work in 5 easy minutes
Rejuvenates hair
Leaves hair thicker and fuller-looking. No damaging ammonia. Last until the grey grows back.

How to use:

• Protect clothing and surfaces with old towels or shirt.
• Wearing gloves provided, shake Colour Base bottle.
• Pour the entire contents of Colour Base bottle into Applicator bottle. Replace caps.
Break off triangular tip of Applicator bottle with thumb and index finger, pointing tip away from face.
• Put your thumb on the Applicator opening.
• Shake Applicator bottle THOROUGHLY to mix.
• Apply haircolour mixture right away for maximum effectiveness.
APPLY TO HAIR • The colour of the product mixture always looks different from the final, natural-looking results you’ll get. Don’t worry, this is normal. • Squeeze on mixture. Start where hair is greyest. Then apply product to the rest of your hair. • Gently massage product into hair. Do not add water. Cover all your hair. Don’t forget the back and sides! • Discard unused mixture. (Note: Use as much mixture as needed to wet hair thoroughly and uniformly.)
WAIT 5 MINUTES • IMPORTANT: Start timing yourself AFTER application is completed. • DO NOT GUESS: use TIMER, CLOCK or WATCH. Wait only 5 MINUTES or a bit less (to prevent haircolour from going too dark).
RINSE, SHAMPOO, DRY AND STYLE • In shower, rinse out product thoroughly until water runs clear. • Shampoo and rinse again. • Dry and style as usual.

Warning and cautions:

For external use only. Do not use on bruises. Stop use if rashes or irritation occur.

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