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Manuka Health With Royal Jelly mgo 400+ 250 gm

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Product Description:

  • Manuka Health MGO 400 honey is unique to the pristine and remote parts of New Zealand.
  • Carefully formulated after extensive research and masterfully packed in a 250-gm jar,
  • it is 100% pure and natural honey, containing wondrous antibacterial qualities.
  • Manuka Health honey has a vital compound called methylglyoxal (MGO) that’s responsible for its remarkable properties.
  • Only some variants of Manuka honey have good quantities of Methylglyoxal which is determined by MGO rating.
  • More the MGO rating the higher is the Methylglyoxal content.
  • Thus, this product has a minimum of 400mg/kg methylglyoxal.
  • Enriched with fresh Royal Jelly, a very nutritious natural food, this honey is full of nutrients to support vitality and health. 

Prodeuct Features:

  • Sustainably obtained from distant parts of New Zealand with complete traceability from beehives to shop shelf
  • Infused with many health-giving advantages like immunity building, wound-healing, improving digestion, promoting oral health
  • Contains a significant amount of the naturally occurring compound, methylglyoxal, 
  • Consist of fresh Royal jelly which is a good source of 10-Hydroxy-2-decanoic acid believed to support collagen production and uphold the hormonal balance
  • An excellent energy source
  • Adheres to consistent quality standards
  • Guaranteed premium grade and purity

Smooth Texture & Delicious Taste

  Antibacterial & Antimicrobial 

Support Wellness & Immunity

  Excellent Source of Energy

How to use:

  • There are many ways to incorporate Manuka health with Royal jelly in your everyday self-care routine. 
  • The best and simplest way is to perhaps lick it straight off the spoon.
  • You can mix it in a glass of water to take as a refreshing drink after a walk or exercise routine.
  • You can also substitute your sweeteners and sugars in your coffee or tea with it.
  • You can add it to your yoghurt, cereals or smoothies for enhanced flavor and nutrition.
  • You can prepare delightful herbal tea by boiling ginger and lemon rind together in some water and later by adding Manuka health honey to it.
  • You can have a healthy nightcap by blending warm milk, cinnamon (any desired spice) and Manuka health honey.
  • You can also directly apply it your face or add it to your face masks or body scrubs to get beautiful, glowing skin.

Caution & Warnings:

  • This product may not be suitable for kids below 12 months.
  • Not recommended for allergy or asthma patients to avoid any risk of an allergic reaction
  • Not to be used during pregnancy or duration of breastfeeding


  • Pure MGO400 Manuka honey
  • Fresh Royal Jelly
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  • Manufacturer: Manuka Health
  • Product form: Honey