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Manuka Truehoney MGO 1000 - 250 gm

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Product Description:

Investing in premium quality of honey is investing in your wellness.  Manuka Truehoney MGO 1000-250 gm is an extremely rare toffee-colored honey packed with the goodness of natural vitamins and enzymes. Extracted from a natural process this 1000, MGO honey is a natural sweetener without any artificial flavoring. The authenticity of the product is not compromised, and every product is tested independently. A luxurious texture of the honey melts inside your mouth in seconds. Enjoy every moment when you relish the essence of this honey when tossed-up in your salad. The raw taste and color of the honey ensure the product is a premium quality product giving all the beneficial health properties to consumers. The honey is packed in a glass jar for longer shelf life and the entire product packaging is in an attractive black color ISO 14001, FSC Certified cardboard. The strong and sturdy cardboard ensures no breakage of the bottle.  

The authenticity of the product is guaranteed by independent testing of the product

The honey contains 1000 MGO property making it safe to be used every day

The product has a natural sweetness, no added sweetener

The creamy texture of the honey melts smoothly into your recipes

Packed with the goodness of natural vitamins for better health 

The honey can be used for your skin-regime routine

No artificial flavor added 

Comes in an easy to store 250 gm glass jar

Not suitable for infants under 12 months

Nutritional Information:

67kJ per serving
0.0g per serving
Fat total
0.0g per serving
Saturated Fat
0.0g per serving
4.0g per serving
3.9g per serving
0.6g per serving

How to use:

If the bottle of honey is refrigerated, then remove the bottle from the fridge and allow it to come to room temperature (below 25 degrees)

Open the bottle and use a clean and dry spoon to remove the honey as per your requirement

Close the cap tightly once you've finished using the honey

Wipe the exterior of the bottle, preferably with a damp cloth to avoid any stickiness and mess

Caution & Warnings:

Keep out of the reach of children

Store the bottle of honey in a cool and dry place

Avoid direct sunlight exposure

Don’t leave the bottle unattended to avoid any spillovers and breakage

Check for the shelf life before purchasing the honey

Close the lid of the jar tightly to avoid any insects or ants

In case of contact with eyes, rinse your eyes with cold water

If any skin irritation or rash develops, stop using the product immediately and consult a physician if discomfort persists


New Zealand Manuka honey

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  • Manufacturer: True Honey
  • Product form: Honey