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Martini Body Sponge Stone Shape With Shea Butter

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Product Description:

Regular bathing helps in keeping the skin healthy and can help in protecting against environmental pollutions and infections. The martini body sponge stone shape with shea butter will be the right bathing sponge for your skin. The shea butter presents in the sponge are attributed to moisturizing, emollient, nourishing properties, and that makes it a perfect natural body cosmetic for skincare. As a skin cosmetic, it is used for protection from wrinkles and to keep the skin glowing and young. This soft body sponge cleanses and massages the skin keeping it smooth, due to the nourishing and soothing properties of Shea butter. Shea butter is enriched with Vitamin E and A, which allows in fighting against free radicals. Its ideal ergonomic stone shaped structure reaches to all parts of the face and body and gives a velvet feel. In addition, the product is hypoallergenic, which means it very less allergic to the body: caress your body with shea butter!

Exfoliates smoothly. Latex-free

Cleans better

Dermatologically tested

Removes the sticky dusty particles

Removes the dead skin cells

Soft appearance

Keeps the blood flow and in working condition

Removes impurities

Prevents wrinkles

Keeps the skin young

Stone shaped

How to use:
You need to use it in gentle circular motions on different sections of your body to help in cleaning the sweat, bacteria, and dust particles lingering in the deep pores of the skin

The small size of the stone shape sponge fits easily into your dominant hand

After using the sponge every day, do not forget to wring it out to bring out excess water and hang it in an area that is well-ventilated to let it dry

If you do not regularly dry and disinfect the bath sponge, it could attract mold and probably help spread the fungus and parasites throughout the home. You can take the help of bleach to disinfect it regularly

You are not advised to constantly scrub your face too hard and harshly as the facial skin is quite delicate and scrubbing it harshly can cause breakouts

Caution & Warnings:
Not for children under 3 years

Keep it away from heat and fire

Keep them out of the reach of children. It can lead to bruises at any part of the children's body while holding and playing with it. It's not a toy

Your child might also put it near the mouth due to its attractive stone shape. Swallowing choking hazard

Not to be applied by people with existing skin irritation or inflammation

Keep it away from home pets

Store it in a cool or dry place

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  • Manufacturer: 213037
  • Product form: 159789