Martini Loofah Cover Glove 406017

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Product Description:

The Martini Loofah Cover Glove 406017 is an amazing body loofah that can be used by anyone. This loofah is made out of pure cotton and is great at gently exfoliating the skin. It can be used by people of all skin types as it helps in effective skin regeneration. It helps in keeping the skin toned and silky smooth, and it helps to keep your skin away from premature aging. The beads in this loofah help in Micro Circulation which reduces problems related to cellulite formation in the skin. It meets all international quality standards. It is free of latex and is of premium quality. Overall, this is an amazing loofah that you can use to exfoliate and cleanse your skin properly during a nice, relaxing bath.  

This product has been made in Italy

It meets all the European and International Quality Standards

It helps to keep your skin away from premature aging

Help to get toned and silky smooth skin

Great for exfoliation

It also helps in effective skin regeneration

This product helps in Micro Circulation and reduces cellulite related skin problems

It is free of latex

It is of premium quality

Can be used by both men and women

Can be used by people of all skin types

Isn’t harmful towards the environment

How to use:

The first step before using the loofah is to wet your entire body with water. You can get in a shower or a bath first

Rinse your entire body with cold or warm water, according to your preference

Take some liquid soap and pour it into the loofah. Add some water to it and mix it well. This will form a good lather on the loofah 

Take the loofah and rub it all over your body. Do not miss any points. Use the loofah to exfoliate all parts of your body carefully and gently. Add some more water if required

If any particular points need extra care, then use the loofah to concentrate on those points. Rub the loofah gently; both sideways and front ways to make sure the exfoliation happens properly

Rinse your body with cold or warm water when you are done. If needed, you can go for a second round.  Be sure not to be too rough with the loofah. Pat yourself dry with a towel when you are done

Wash the loofah under running water. You can also soak it in water

Squeeze the water out of it and let it dry once you are finished

Caution & Warnings:

Do not forget to wash and dry the loofah once you are done using it

Keep the loofah in a clean and dry place

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  • Manufacturer: Martini
  • Product form: Loofah