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Martini Loofah Sisal Stick 404891

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Product Description:

Now improve the texture of the skin and make it feel softer and cleaner with the help of Martini Loofah Sisal Stick. Martini loofah is made up of vegetable sponge, extracted from the drying of a homonymous vegetable naturally. This loofah stick extracts dead skin from the body and improves metabolism. The materials used in loofah are carefully crafted to prevent the skin from moisture and worms. This loofah will give a pleasant bathing experience as it will calm your muscles, make your skin glow, and feel fresh. It also helps in relieving and reducing acne and prickly heat rashes.

Martini Loofah Sisal stick can be used on all skin types

This is a toning brush, made from precious beech wood and pure sisal

This loofah stimulates blood circulation and prevents premature aging

This ultra-soft loofah stick is the best remedy for dry skin

It has a wooden handle which makes it easy to hold and reach all body parts

This loofah can be hanged on the bathroom wall for storing and drying purposes which will prevent creation of bacteria

This loofah is very soft and will help in exfoliating skin without irritation or itching the skin

This can be used as a multi-functional brush which can be used as a back scrubber or body massager

Removes the dirt from the skin and make it well toned

Martini Loofah Sisal Stick can be used by men and women

The products made are eco-friendly and cruelty-free

This loofah is made of wood, cotton, and sisal

The cotton used in this loofah is organic. There are no pesticides and harmful chemicals used

How to use:

Rinse the loofah with water before use

Apply a small quantity of soap or gel and gently scrub it all over the body

With the help of the wooden stick, scrub the body parts which are hard to reach

If required, rinse it water and take soap or gel and scrub again

Every time after the use, clean and dry the loofah for a hygienic scrub

Caution & Warnings:

Keep it away from the eyes

Avoid using the loofah on your face and hair

Wet the loofah with warm water to soften it for the first time use

Avoid using it on the baby's skin.

Gently use the loofah for body cleansing

For external use only

Loofah should be changed after 3 months for hygienic purpose

Rinse it with water before using it

Stop using the loofah, if you face any irritation or redness


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